Valentina Shulikovskaya



The Chronicles of One Life


The Author's Preface

Day 1. Seems to Be the Death

Day 2. A Love Also

Day 3. As If a Childhood

Day 4. An Illusion of a Trial


The protagonist of this book looks as an ordinary young woman living a usual life, facing usual tragedies of love and death, solving a mystery of a murder. The late USSR just before its dissolution and the new state of Russia make the scenery of her life.

However, nobody knows her own mystery: she lives the days of her life at random, in an arbitrary order. Every evening she goes to sleep and does not know at which period of her life she will wake up. Unlike us, she even doesn't know whether her existence is finite. What are her dreams, hopes and fears? What does she think about us? Imagine her fixed and appreciating gaze when she judges us and tries to unravel - us and, first of all, herself.

Let's wish her good luck! And let every reader decide on their own whether we should feel for her compassion or envy.