Valentina Shulikovskaya



The Real Time Travellers

  1. 1. Presentation for the Institute
    for Time Nature Explorations
  2. 2. Presentation prepared for
    the festival Beauty of Time


"... my heroes are - first of all - people having an unusual inner spiritual world. Yes, one could say that their lives are taken out of context. However, one could say as well that an infinite inhabiting of one and the same context is useless and senseless. Having abandoned usual, common comprehensions of life, the most part of my protagonists search and cannot find another foothold, as if having been lost at the halfway stage, so that now they need not so much ability of thinking as patience and courage:

-- a naïve inventor of a time-machine who perishes because he tries one time after another to rewrite human history according to his tastes and values, running his head against one and the same brick wall till he destroys himself.

-- a homebred philosopher who confuses good and evil.

-- Jesus, who is possessed by the search for the meaning of life and becomes a man intentionally looking for the heaviest and the most terrifying cross in the world to shoulder, but at the same time creates a new world religion, as if accidentally, as if unwillingly.

-- the most common and ordinary young man, who absolutely by chance, one could even say for a joke, found himself at the School of time travellers following which his life was torn to pieces, for he lost all which was precious and sacred.

-- finally, a stranger, a visitor from an unknown world, which differs from ours in its every detail; he cannot understand our life and almost hates it, he cannot stay here, but to return is beyond his powers".