Valentina Shulikovskaya



Time problems

Why am I interested in time exploration ? The answer I would give has changed over the years. My latest answer would be as follows.

I believe that the improvements in welfare (public and individual), as well as the extending of life expectancy together with growth in living standards and even expectations of immortality, as well as the colonization of new lands (and outer space), and the accumulation of more and more information about the universe, are all extensive developments – in the same sense as extensive economic growth. They are all extensive, in different ways, in a greater or lesser degree, but extensive. They are all successful in the short term, but they fail strategically in the longer term. (Should I explain that the term of several hundreds of years is considered as a short one?) What, however, in my opinion, would be the intensive way of development? I think, that it is the growth of the “depth of living through” every moment of life by each particular man, an increasing of the quantity and the quality of links between different moments of their life. It seems to me impossible to give a more precise formulation, for no other reason than that we have no convenient words; we are obliged to invent them, and to assign meanings to them. However, it’s evident even with such a formulation that the solution will be inevitably connected with the concept of time and time exploration, with the intentional changing of the “common” perception of time we have now.

(Prepared for the site Institute for Time Nature Explorations).

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